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New Original Single !!!

"A Wish For You"
Melodic Magic for Your Ears

Pete Goleta.jpg

I'm Pete Goleta, a solo artist specializing in guitar-led contemporary sound. My music is a melting pot of my Hawaiian heritage, combined with elements of pop and smooth jazz, making me unique in the industry.  I have years of live performance and songwriting experience, along with the ability to blend different cultures, creating something unmistakably new. My aim is to create a unique and ear-catching sound that leaves the audience spellbound. Playing in various venues across Ventura County California with my 7 piece cover band GoletaSound as I also, enjoy jamming with local musicians and participating in open mics to promote creativity and mutual growth. Whether you're looking for something new, catchy, or simply jam-worthy, my sound is perfect for any music lover.

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"A Wish For You"

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