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Our passion lies in creating an unforgettable sound experience. Uphonious Music is a online label dedicated to showcasing good artists and providing a platform for their music and your ears. Our dedication in placement and marketing, we'll ensure that your music reaches a global audience.

Where there is talent, there is most certainly an audience for that talent and we are committed to delivering what we feel is the most euphonious talent for our uphonious music audience. 


Welcome The Single Release of Bassist
Tony Shibumi

After many years of producing music for others, we are excited to share something very personal and unique with you. A special cover of Steve Wonder's Superstition that was recorded over a decade ago has been brought back to life in the studio in collabration with Shibumi Soundesign. This project is even more special because Tony had the pleasure of collaborating with special friends - Manon Franklin, Don Blackburn.

Tony's original tracks are coming soon, but for now we are thrilled to share this with you all.

Our Artist

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