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Urbane Groove are a Soul/Funk band with chill undertones.

USA-based Urbane Groove is the brain child of guitarist Pete Goleta.

The project originally began to coalesce in 2018, shortly after Sade had completed her Love Deluxe world tour. Shibumi built his own studio in Ventura, releasing a series of dance singles under the name Groove Erotiq. He also produced and co-wrote songs for Pete Goleta’s debut album, A Wish For You. In 2023, the three recruited singers in various city's  and entered the studio to record Urbane Grooves self-titled debut for Shibumi Music Media. With musical textures ranging from trad-soul (‘You Will Rise’), to house (‘Cloud People’), the album’s succulent eclecticism and sophisticated musicianship won over critics from a variety of genres.

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